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I’m making some changes to the way we do things. These changes are to better reflect results-oriented skin services. The impetus for this shift is to aid clients in forming healthy skin care habits while also being cost-effective for a wider range of budgets. Read this post to learn what’s new now and how things are changing starting December 1st.

Effective immediately, all new facial clients can only select the Essential Glow Customized Facial service. This change is to limit the amount of DMs across social platforms, text messages, and emails asking “which facial should I choose?” The Essential Glow Customized Facial is the BEST way to start a new client relationship. It allows both you and I to ask each other allllllllll of the questions we need to ask, it gives me time to really examine what’s going on with your skin and gauge for sensitivities and reactions so that I can provide you with product recommendations that will work best for you. The price for this facial will also increase to $140 beginning December 1st.

Also, I now require a small deposit for all appointments. The deposits range from $1-$10 and go towards the total cost of your appointment. Deposits are non-refundable.

Existing clients now have access to a separate, password-protected booking page. Please check your emails for the password. The prices for some of the facial services on this page have decreased because I believe in rewarding consistency. All available facials and sugaring services are on this page. You can continue to book monthly specials and waxing services from the main booking page.

Speaking of sugaring, prices reflected are a starting price. Total cost of service may increase due to length of time needed to complete. Every body is different and prices can vary between people/body parts. If we have not discussed what the total cost will be for you, please book a regular waxing service first so that I can provide you with a proper estimate.

Holiday packages are now available and, for the first time ever, there are gift certificates too. While packages expire 4 months from the date of purchase (unless otherwise noted), gift certificates never expire. Availability for both packages and gift certificates are subject to change. Get yours here.

Memberships are changing too. Effective immediately, the B.A.B.E. Brigade membership has been sunset. All other memberships are staying around but will increase in price starting December 1st. Membership perks will also change on that date. Existing members will not be affected.

When you bring in any new feminine care products during the holidays, you automatically receive $10 off your service. This can’t be combined with any other discounts or offers. Products will be donated to women’s shelters and halfway homes across the Bay Area.

Lastly, FAIRY GLOW MOTHER is a no-tip culture studio. What does that mean? Let me explain.

When I started out as an esthetician, I was working part-time and making minimum wage ($14/hour) with the occasional commission on product sales (anywhere between 2%-10%). As you might guess, I didn’t actually make much money on those bi-weekly paychecks. And to be completely transparent, I would have quit the industry after my first month because the wages were way too low. Being tipped saved the day.

Luckily, things have changed.

FAIRY GLOW MOTHER is owned and operated by me. I’ve set my prices to fairly reflect the quality of services and to properly compensate the business for time spent providing services. So what you see is what you pay

I’ve been telling my clients this since June but realized I hadn’t made a formal announcement anywhere about it. I’ve also been donating the small tips I get to various organizations around the Bay Area since then (I average about $100/month in tips). After the holidays, any tips will go directly into the GET HADIYAH OUT OF SLAVERY FUND which is to say, I’ll use tips to make extra payments on my student loans. I thank you all in advance for making this happen. A mind *is* a terrible thing to waste but I might have preferred losing my mind than these student loan interest rates, had I been given a choice.

Thanks for reading and remember, there will be some price changes that go into effect on December 1st.