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Back in October 2018, the lovely ladies of Sweet & True Sugaring Co. trained me on the art of sugaring and I instantly fell in love! I’ve been taking these past five months to perfect my technique and get comfortable with the many different types of sugar and now I’m happy to announce that sugaring is now available at FAIRY GLOW MOTHER. You can book select appointments now at a special introductory price for the next week. That’s awesome! But, you might be wondering just what sugaring is exactly and why you might be interested in it. Read on to learn more.

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is a natural form of hair removal. Thought to have originated in what is modern-day Persia around 1900 B.C., sugaring is often considered as the oldest form of hair removal. Sugaring is still widely practiced in the Middle East and East Africa where it can be referred to as sukkar or halawa.

What is in Sugar?

Sugar is an all natural paste comprised of sugar, water, and lemon. That’s it. The texture of sugar is usually thick and smooth. The paste is typically warmed and formed into a ball and the practitioner glides it across the skin to complete the hair removal.

Who is Sugaring for?

Sugaring hair removal is best suited for: sensitive skin types, coarse or curly hair types, those prone to ingrown hairs, and redheads. Sugar does not adhere to live skin cells and most people experience little to no irritation at all. Just about anyone can benefit from sugar hair removal however it is generally not recommended for those with really fine body hair.

How is Sugaring Different from Waxing?

Sugaring differs from waxing in medium and application. As mentioned earlier, sugar paste is completely all natural while waxes may contain polymers, resins, and other additives to make the wax more pliable (and provide a better experience for you). Sugar paste is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth, molded into the follicle and removed quickly in the direction of growth, allowing for minimal irritation and slower regrowth. Waxing (both hard and soft) are generally applied in the reverse order and not really “molded” into the hair follicle in the same way. This unique application of sugaring is what contributes to less ingrown hairs over time.

Another noticeable difference is that sugaring is done completely by hand. If I run out of sugar, I have to remove my gloves and start with a new ball of paste. No strips or sticks involved. Because sugaring is a much more manual process, it can take just a tad bit longer than waxing.

As an added bonus, if you are inbetween hair growth cycles, sugaring can pick up much shorter hairs at just 1/8 inch as opposed to waxing’s 1/4 inch requirement.

When should I get sugared?

Sugaring is still a hair removal service so it is recommended to come in once every 4-6 weeks depending on your hair growth cycle. You might notice that with sugaring, however, you are able to stretch appointments out a little longer over time.

Where can I get sugared?

Sugaring can safely be performed on any of your body parts with hair. However, if there are some parts of your body where the hair is finer than others, I may recommend a traditional wax for a more effective removal.

How can I make an appointment?

For the following week, you can make an appointment via my booking page and receive a Sugar Brazilian for just $45. However, next week, sugaring will be going on the Secret Menu and only FAIRY GLOW MOTHER VIPs will have access to the service. So, as we say in the Bay, get in where you fit in!