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#GlowIn6 Week 4 Routines

No frills, no fancy pictures, and no routines.

We’re not doing anything new this week. Well, we’re not adding any products at least. And I’m turning the challenge on its head a bit. Instead of telling you what the routine should be, I want YOU to tell me what your routine is. We’re going on a month of building a solid skin care routine. Now that all the elements are there, and you’ve been using some of these products for 3-4 weeks, I want to know what is working best for you and what products simply are not holding up to their hype (looking at you CeraVe SA Renewing Cleanser).

If last week’s routine worked well for you, keep that up. I know some of you were thinking about adding extra exfoliating days, don’t. I’m watching you. For those who felt like last week was maybe a bit much, now is the perfect time to check-in with me below and modify your routine. Think of this as the only opportunity you have to get a FREE customized skin care plan from me.

I’m turning the comments on for this post. Feel free to leave your routine below along with your question. I’ll reply over the weekend and, as usual, be live on Instagram starting Sunday. If you leave a comment, let me know if your Acne I/II or Hyperpigmentation I/II. Please be sure to read through ALL of the comments and responses. If your question has already been asked, I will likely skip it. See ya in the comments!

  1. Hyperpigmentation 1 here. Thanks for all you work on this challenge.

    Routine: CosRx low ph gel cleanser
    Ebanel 10% Vit C
    Kiehls ultra toner (PC BHA for exfoliating days)
    Inkey list HA
    Elf hello hydration
    Black girl sunscreen (cérave healing ointment for night)

    I am spot treating w the Differin spot treatment. I’m super happy w my results thus far, thinking of upping the spot treatment application it’s not working quickly enough as when I first started using it.

    Any suggestions for a different moisturizer? I use so much of the ELF one (it’s cheap so understandable)

    1. Hey, How did you like the elf hydration?

  2. ( ACNE II) First of all, I really can’t thank you enough for this opportunity. This glow in 6 challenge has been amazing for my skin and tbh my skin has been on it’s absolute best behavior so thank you ma’am. For my routine, I don’t use the benzoyl peroxide or mandelic cleanser, because I couldn’t afford to switch my recently bought cleanser out for another one when I started the routine(p.s- I use the Paula’s choice pore normalizing cleanser(0.5% SA) and I don’t use niacinamide in my routine at all because even in the tiniest percentages(like the 4% in cerave moisturizer my skin won’t stand it), are there any other niacinamide dupes?
    And what other ingredients do you think would be beneficial to look out for in a moisturizer?

  3. I’m not loving this cleanser I’m normally very oily (oily dehydrated) but my skin feels tight after using the Effaclar I’m not sure if there’s a better option. And that vitamin c is trash lol. Other than that my skins looking better. And are there any specific ingredients to look for in dark spot correctors?

    Hyperpigmentation 1 Routine:
    Cleanser: La Roche-Posay Effaclar
    Toner: Heritage Store Rose Water
    Vitamin C: Ole Henriksen (I now know it’s trash ☹️)
    Niacinamide : The Ordinary
    Hyaluronic Acid: The Ordinary
    Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair
    Sunscreen: Supergoop unseen
    AHA Toner:Ren Ready Steady Glow
    Hyperpigmentation Spot treat: Khiels Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Serum
    Occlusive:Cerave Healing Ointment

  4. I am Acne I.
    These last few weeks have been very rough on my skin. I had to wait for my BHA serum and spot treatment to be delivered so ( and I know I probably shouldn’t have) I used my Cosrx AHA/BHA Toner in place of those steps. I’m sorry! My skin is pretty red and the acne has been getting worse so I think I might need to chill out. The products came in yesterday so my routine would be:
    Grapeseed oil
    Cerave SA cleanser
    Heritage rosewater toner
    Paula’s Choice redness relief 1% BHA lotion exfoliant
    Heritage rosewater toner
    The Ordinary niacinamide 10% + zinc 1% serum
    I Dew Care Say You Dew Moisturizering Vitamin C Gel+cream
    Cerave Ultra-Light Moisturizing Lotiom SPF 30

    Grapeseed oil
    Cerave SA cleanser
    Heritage rosewater toner
    The Ordinary niacinamide 10% + zinc 1%
    Paula’s Choice daily skin clearing treatment with 5% benzoyl peroxide
    Cerave skin renewing night cream

    P.S. I haven’t added a hyaluronic acid to my routine because I feel like I’ve been overloading my skin which I know is silly since its just meant to hydrate my skin more but it just feels like I have a lot going on. I was originally using the Cerave foaming cleanser for normal to oily skin before switching to the SA cleanser for the challenge. I had noticed it burned a bit when I used it the first two times but it was fine after so I continued to use it. For the moisturizer I’m honestly just using it to get rid of it it’s got fragrance in it which I am not a fan of . Once that’s gone I have the ELF Cosmetics superhydrate moisturizer and also the Paula’s Choice oil free moisturizer. I bought both and haven’t used either, but after you mentioned on Twitter the lack of quality control in drugstore products I think I’ll be trying the Paula’s Choice moisturizer.

    I’m sorry this was so long and also probably a bad routine. Please help a girl out!

    1. Hyaluronic Acid isn’t an active. The Ordinary niacinamide can be irritating for some and cause more redness (this is what others have reported) so you may want to swap that out.

      1. Thank you for your insight! Could it be that the niacinamide from The Ordinary became an irritant over time? I’m actually on my third bottle and it was only recently I noticed it will occasionally sting a bit which it didn’t do before.

        1. I don’t think so? They could’ve changed something or you could have only recently developed an allergy. Both are possible.

  5. Acne 1: I had a super emotional/stressful week and my skin is taking it out on me hardcore. A bunch of bumps that have been sitting below my skin on my chin are now little whiteheads, in addition to some acne that just wont go away on my forehead. I am a drier skin type as well. I think I am going to keep mornings a little lighter (salicylic cleanser but no other actives, just hydration and sunscreen) and use the salicylic cleanser at night with the Paula’s Choice BHA 2% and the Paula’s Choice BPO 5% spot treatment as needed.

    Do we think this is too much exfoliation this week? Overall, my skin texture and smoothness is improving massively and any new acne is much smaller and heals much quicker. Thank you so much for all of your help. I am holding out on before/after pictures, but I am so excited to show you the progress!

    1. (Posting the full routine for clarification)

      Paula’s Choice SA Cleanser
      Paula’s Choice Replenishing Toner
      COSRX Snail Mucin Essence + Elta MD Treatment Gel (has HA)
      Versed Dew Point Moisturizer
      Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen

      Paula’s Choice SA Cleanser
      Paula’s Choice Replenishing Toner
      Paula’s Choice BHA 2%
      COSRX Snail Mucin Essence + Elta MD Treatment Gel (has HA)
      Versed Dew Point Moisturizer
      First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (& Shea Butter if extra dry)
      Paula’s Choice BPO 5% Spot Treatment as needed.

      Not sponsored by Paula’s Choice… they just slap.

      1. LMAO, thank you!

  6. Post comment

    Sydney Cartzendafner says:

    ACNE II:
    This challenge has saved my life. Litterally. I was using curology up until Halloween and saw no results. Within 2 weeks of doing this challenge my skin almost completely cleared up while feeling and look so much more hydrated.

    AM routine: 1) oil cleanse w Clinique take off the day balm, 2) cleanse w/ CeraVe foaming face wash (#60secondrule), 3) use heritage rose water toner, 4) Inky list BHA serum on breakouts (it’s my first time having active breakouts since starting this since I’m on the dot), 5) Clinique Gel Moisturizer, 6) Nuetrogena sunscreen w/ SPF 30

    PM routine: SAME AS ABOVE only no BHA serum & I use tea tree oil as a spot treatment (currently looking for a better after watching your live last Sunday). Tuesday/Thursday night I use Ole Henriksen Dark Spot Toner.

    I know there is no niacinamide+Hyluronic acid serum, I’m going to find one and begin to incorporate that into my routine.

    Question: what’s a good clay mask you’d recommend? Thoughts on glam glow gravity mud mask? I love using them to help clear out my pores.
    Thank you so much for reading all of this (sorry it was so long) and for helping so many of us by making this challenge!

    1. I don’t recommend a clay mask.

  7. Acne 1

    Hey there! The Cerave SA cleanser worked wonders for me. I’m glad I tried it, will keep that in my routine moving forward. I’m worried about using a BHA serum every day of the week, so I want to use it 2-3 times a week. I have the Cos RX BHA power liquid ( which I’ve been using for week 3) and DDG alpha beta extra strength peel pads. Which do you think I should use? Secondly, the Cos RX bha liquid has niacinamide, do I need to follow with a separate niacinamide serum when using it?

    Thank you!

    1. The BHA serum is only going to go over your breakouts. I wouldn’t use the DDG pads. And you don’t need a separate niacinamide.

  8. HP1

    Dr. Dennis Gross cleansing gel
    Klairs supple prep toner
    Versed brightening serum
    Loreal 1.5 hyaluronic acid
    Dr. Dennis Gross hyaluronic marine cushion moisturizer
    Josie Maran Aegean daily moisturizer spf 47 (yes I know I need a better sunscreen. Considering elta md)

    Grape seed oil
    (Everything I listed for AM except sunscreen)

    On exfoliating days:
    Tula get toned 10% glycolic toner
    Pixi Glow Serum
    PM: Peter Roth Thomas Peel Pads

    Am I exfoliating and spot treating correctly?
    Can I use the peel pads in my problem areas only to “spot treat” or do I need something else?

    1. The peel pads may be a bit much. Choose between the toner or those pads but you don’t need both.

  9. I’m doing the HPII rn, the vitamin c (inkey list 30%) doesn’t seem to be doing much, just evening out the redness on my cheeks, but the red marks from old hormonal acne are still the same. I’ve been using differin as a retinoid, but maybe I can incorporate TO alpha arbutin as a spot treatment (in Spain we don’t have access to many american brands)? I’ve been exfoliating with Pixi Glow Tonic (Tuesday and Thursday) and using niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, btw. I’m starting to think my hyperpigmentation is too bad to be solved….

    1. I’m not sure what to recommend that is more readily available in Spain. Vitamin C helps brighten and even overall skin tone but isn’t something I’d recommend to use alone to correct hyperpigmentation. I also don’t really recommend Differin solely for hyperpigmentation. A serum with the ingredients I explicitly called out on previous posts might be more effective. Or a retinol that is maybe marketed more for hyperpigmentation or brightening.

      1. So maybe the honeymoon glow or the urban rx treatment or the arbutin right?

  10. Hii! First of all, thank you so much for this challenge. My skin has never looked this great.

    Okay, here’s my routine:
    kiehl’s ultra face cleanser (I know you don’t care for it, but it’s working!!!)
    heritage facial toner
    vitamin c serum by pacifica
    glass glow serum
    cosrx snail mucin
    bliss gel water moisturizer
    cerave daily moisturizer
    sunscreen (daytime)
    cerave healing ointment (nighttime)

    I did not add the hyperpigmentation serum last week bc I was unsure of what to get and NOOOOBODY really made suggestions in the #glowin6 but I think I’m gonna settle for the Urban RX even tone serum. I know, I know. I’m very open to suggestions but I also just graduated grad school and I’m broke lol

    Again thanks so much!! You’re blessing a lot of faces.

    1. Let us know what you think of the Urban Skin RX serum!

  11. I’m acne II, normal to oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin and I want to incorporate a mandelic acid serum to exfoliate my skin because PC 2% BHA exfoliant isn’t really exfoliating haha. So i wanna know your thoughts and how I should do that. About differin, will it be possible if I could fit it in my routine for the whole face and not just a spot treatment? How can I do that?

    My routine:
    – Cosrx low ph cleanser
    – Pyunkang Yul hydrating toner but will try cosrx snail mucin
    – [ ] BHA serum (The Ordinary)
    – [ ] Niacinamide + HA (The Ordinary)
    – [ ] Gel moisturizer (The inkey list snow mushroom)
    – [ ] Light moisturizer (The inkey list turmeric/ the ordinary NMF)
    – [ ] Sunscreen (Mad hippie)

    – [ ] Cleansing balm (The Ordinary squalane cleanser)
    – [ ] Cleanser
    – [ ] Hydrating toner
    – [ ] Paula’s choice 2% BHA exfoliating toner (TUE/THU/SAT)
    – [ ] Acne spot treatment (differin once a week)
    – [ ] Niacinamide + HA
    – [ ] Gel moisturizer
    – [ ] Light moisturizer
    – [ ] Occlusive (The Ordinary squalane)

    Thank you so much 💗

    1. Paula’s Choice 2% BHA is exfoliating enough, no need to get mandelic acid. And no to Differin for the entire face.

  12. I’m doing the HPI challenge right now and have combination/oily skin. My current routine includes the Versed Wash It Out Gel Cleanser, Heritage Store Rosewater Facial Toner (morning)/Pixi Glow Tonic (night), Nolaskinsentials Brightening C-Serum (morning)/Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair dark spot corrector, bliss glow & hydrate, the ordinary NMF + HA, and Black Girl Sunscreen (morning)/Vaseline (occlusive). I’ll add the occasional acne spot treatment for any surprise zits. I think I’m going to stick with this week’s routine for next week.

    I’m liking the dark spot corrector so far, my spots are starting to lighten up a bit! Overall my skin has felt softer and brighter (all the hydration is amazing), but I can’t help but be distracted by other concerns on my face (papules on my chin, enlarged pores on my nose and upper cheeks, a few pimples here and there, tiny blackheads all on my nose, reddish tone but not textured cheeks) so I’ve been losing focus on what my goal is and feeling like I’ve been doing the wrong challenge, but I want to stick with what I’ve been doing and shift focus once it’s done! Thoughts or advice?

    1. Stick with one thing at a time, please.

  13. Hi!!! This challenge is working pretty well for me considering that my skin has been breaking out the past few months and I couldn’t figure out why. I think it was due to over-exfoliating, but because of #glowin6 my skin is almost back to normal!

    I am doing the acne I challenge and am more of a normal/dry skin type.

    -Son&Park Beauty water
    -Dr.Jart Ceramidin moisturizing toner
    -Paula’s Choice Pore purifier bha serum
    -Peach&Lily glass skin serum
    -Youth to the People kale+spinach green tea ha moisturizer
    -Supergoop unseen spf40

    -Then I Met You cleansing balm
    -CeraVe SA cleanser or YTTP cleanser
    -Paula’s choice 2% bha liquid (on Wednesday )
    -Dr.Jart ceramidin moisturizing toner
    -Peach&Lily glass skin serum
    -LaRoche Posay effaclar duo dual acne spot treatment (when needed)
    -BeautyBio quench moisturizer or Sephora Collection firming sleeping cream
    -CeraVe healing ointment

    Do you recommend using different products for when you’re on your period or about to start? This seems to be when my skin is the worst.

    Thank you! 🙂

    1. Utilizing a spot treatment while on your cycle is fine.

  14. Thank you for this challenge and all of the info that comes along with it!
    I’m doing the HP1 routine and I can’t tell if the spot treatment I’m using ( Urban SkinRx Retinol Rapid Repair and Dark Spot Treatment) is helping or hype. I have what feels like one lone cystic pimple on my jawline that appears every month during my cycle, which was last week. I thought the spot treatment would help with that and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I’m starting to question if I’m even HP1 since A) I get this same bump on either side of my face monthly and B) The spot treatment doesn’t seem to be helping the “spot”.

    1. The spot treatment you’re using is for hyperpigmentation, not acne. This is why it isn’t “helping”.

      1. So does the one bump I get monthly mean I’m an Acne and not an HP1?😕

  15. Started off with Acne 2, BPO had my skin going crazy. Got two huge cystic pimples, which I never get. Switched to Acne 1 & upgraded my BPO from differin to the PCA 5%. Using this twice a week only for now. Cerve SA for all other uses and I LOVEEEEE IT! Surprising that so many ppl are having issues with her.

    Tried the Bliss Niciamide & HA. HATED ITTTT!! Feels like I am putting on scented hand lotion, skin wasn’t feeling it. Using the Ordinarys serum instead.

    1. That’s so weird, the Bliss doesn’t have a scent!

  16. I’m doing the Acne 2 plan. The acne on my cheek has cleared up. I have a bit more flare up on my jaw line. But I also just finished my period. I’m wondering two things. Can I increase the acne spot treatment nights and can I incorporate some vitamin c or something to address the resulting acne scars left from a lot of the cheek acne clearing up.

    1. No.

      1. Okay thank you! my impatient ass will just continue with the week 3 routine lol since it has been working and I have no bad reaction or irritation (I put the routine below for you and other people. I haven’t had any irritation but I also had been using the same bpo product for about a month before this)

        -Pharmacy Clean Green Balm
        -PCA 5% BPO cleanser
        -indie lee toner (switching to heritage rose water when I run out)
        -Paula’s Choice BHA
        -the ordinary niacinamide
        -inkeys list HA
        -Neutrogena hydroboost gel
        -supergoop moisturizer with sunscreen (heavier than my summer moisturizer)

        -Pharmacy Clean Green Balm
        -PCA 5% BPO cleanser
        -indie lee toner (switching to heritage rose water when I run out) OR La-Roche Posay Clarifying Solution
        -clean and clear acne spot treatment
        -the ordinary niacinamide
        -inkeys list HA
        -Neutrogena hydroboost gel
        -ceraVe nightcream

  17. I’m SO sorry in advance for this long question/post! But any help would be so so appreciated, my skin is panicking and I’m starting to too (😭). And thank you so so much for all you’re doing for skin everywhere ❤️

    I’m doing acne II. I have combination skin and am acne prone – typically 1-2 cystic pimples a month around my period plus a small pimple here in there most weeks.

    I ordered a couple new products for the challenge so I’m finishing a second round of week 1 currently, replacing my old face wash (Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask w/ 3.5% BPO) with the PCA 5% BPO. I’m repeating because I didn’t think I should introduce the BHA at the same time as I made the facewash switch… Which I guess (?) was a good call, because my skin is freaking out.

    Since the start of the PCA BPO I’ve had an big, ongoing breakout (~5-10 pimples a day). They’re mostly whiteheads now, for some reason, and they’re 85% concentrated on my chin and nose. Also a lot of my pores, especially on my chin, are red… I read your tweet chain on purging and I’m wondering/hoping that’s what this is, but my skin is also feeling a bit dry despite adding the Cerave healing ointment this week too.

    Should I drop the BPO to only night time? Switch back to my old cleanser/moisturizer? Never try new things again? I also saw that you said skin turns over slowly so try things for 60-90 days so maybe I should stick it out? I’m worried I’ve done something horrible that needs to be fixed but I’m not sure what 😭

    I also may have changed too many things at once… Prior to the challenge I used cerave’s AM and PM moisturizers (replaced with PCA clearskin), glossier’s Solution AHA/BHA/PHA nightly (I didn’t know it was too much before, I’m sorry!!!), and Shani Darden’s Retinol Reform nightly (maybe this was masking some of my acne symptoms?).

    Farmacy green clean
    PCA 5% BPO*
    Heritage rosewater toner
    Inky hyaluronic acid
    PCA clearskin moisturizer*
    Olehenriksen banana bright eye cream
    Supergoop unseen sunscreen*

    Farmacy green clean
    PCA 5% BPO*
    Heritage rosewater toner
    Inky hyaluronic acid
    PCA clearskin moisturizer*
    Olehenriksen banana bright eye cream
    Cerave healing ointment*

    1. In general, it sounds like you were doing way too much with your skin to begin with. Since you were already using a cleanser with BPO, you didn’t need to switch to a new one (especially if it worked). You have upped the percentage to what your skin was used to so it is totally possible for the skin to purge a bit but the 5-10 pimples sounds excessive. I’d switch to night time use only.

  18. Hi Hadiyah,

    I am doing acne 1. My routine consists of •Rosehip oil
    • CeraVe SA Renewing Cleanser
    • Heritage store rosewater facial toner
    • Giovanni hydrating facial serum (contains Hyaluronic acid)
    • Bliss glo&hydrate serum
    • CeraVe AM facial moisturizing lotion
    •Neutrogena hydroboost Water gel (I know)
    •Ponds cold cream (occlusive)
    •Paula’s choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant
    •Neutrogena Hydro boost sunscreen 50 SPF(again I know.)

    All of the products you’ve recommended have been working great for me. My skin (combo) has not been too dry or too oily. It’s the best it’s ever been. I let my partner touch my skin (after he washed his hands) and he told me it felt like butter. My skin is truly at its healthiest, and I have you to thank for that! 🙂

    My main problems are the texture I have on my forehead . It’s like little unpopable skin colored bumps as well as what I thought was fungal acne around my chin (and the occasional acne pop ups.)

    I would like to know what the best way to get rid of that and what products or ingredients I need to look into.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      A few things… Pond’s Cold Cream isn’t really an occlusive. It’s more of a moisturizer though it does have a few occlusive ingredients I think the water content is too high to be a true occlusive.

      The texture will probably go away once you stop using Hydroboost.

      1. Hi just wondering if you are talking about the gel moisturizer or the suncreen that she mentioned?

        1. I’m talking about the entire line.

  19. Im acne II, for my BHA serum in my routine i use farmacy honeymoon glow serum. Is it okay? Can i continue using this every day?

    1. No.

  20. Thank you so much for teaching me about my skin and products! I was part of the acne group (new to this) and my acne has gotten so much better than before but I want to treat my hyperpigmentation too. Do I eventually start the challenge over?

    1. You can if you’d like! But I wouldn’t recommend starting again for at least another month after completing the challenge.

  21. AM
    PCA Facial Wash
    PCA Hydrating Toner
    SkinCeuticals Serum 10 AOX+
    Peach & Lily Glass Serum
    PCA Clearskin
    Elta MD SPF 46

    Farmacy Green Clean
    PCA Facial Wash
    PCA Hydrating Toner
    Ole Henriksen Glow2OH Toner (Tues and Thurs)
    Niod Hyaluronic Acid
    Paula’s Choice Niacinamide 10%
    Paula’s Choice Barrier Repair + Retinol Moisturizer
    Cerave Healing Ointment

    My mouth area was become dry this week. There is new pigmentation around my mouth area and peeling. My overall skin texture is smoother and looks great.

    Hyperpigmentation 1

    1. Likely the Glow2Oh drying you out, maybe use the hydrating at night as well.

      1. Thank you. Will do.

  22. i was wondering if i could change the glycolic acid toner for a 10% TO mandelic acid for the next week?

    1. No.

  23. I couldn’t participate in the challenge because I’m in England and the products you recommended were impossible to find here sadly 🙁

    Hopefully the next skincare challenge I can participate in.

    Love From England x

    1. Aren’t La Roche Posay and Vichy European brands? I saw them everywhere when I was there.

  24. Hiiii. Acne I! I have normal/dry skin. I’m using the cerave salycilic cleanser, Paula’s choice hydrating toner, exfoliating with the ordinary glycolic toner before (but switching to Paula’s choice 2% BHA this week!)Paula’s choice omega complex serum during the day and the Azaelic acid by the ordinary at night. Too faced hyaluronic acid serum, Moisturizer with the Tula cream (AM) or Fresh beauty youth preserve (PM) topped with ultra aid beauty moisturizer. Paulas choice sunblock in the AM and healing ointment at night! Skin has definitely cleared up and I didn’t even have a breakout before my cycle like normal! I’m just getting impatient and wishing these last few bumps would clear up. Almost feel like I need a stronger sal acid cleanser? Or keep waiting?

    1. You probably won’t find a “stronger” salicylic acid cleanser but you can try a different cleanser. The SA has gotten VERY mixed reviews throughout this challenge.

  25. Hey! I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing this challenge – it’s been so helpful actually getting a proper sense of how to use products.

    I focused this challenge on acne.

    My routine was:
    Cleansers – Grapeseed oil + CeraVe SA
    Toner – PC Repairing Toner
    Exfoliant – PC 2% BHA Exfoliating Liquid
    Spot Treatment – PC Benzoyl Peroxide or Neutrogena Stubborn Acne
    Serums – TO Niacinamide + HA
    Moisturizers – Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer for sensitive skin/PC Omega Complex Moisturizer + Squalane Oil (because I didn’t have a gel moisturizer available)
    Sunscreen – Neutrogena Hydroboost Sunscreen
    Occlusive – Vaseline.

    Mostly, my skin is doing a lot better and than it was. I’ve had a few breakouts but it might be hormonal. Haven’t been able to get rid of forehead texture yet, but I’m assuming that’ll take some time. Strangely, my skin recently became really sensitive near my eyes when I was putting products on.

    Changing my toner to the Heritage Rosewater as soon as I can get my hands on it. Also got the CeraVe Night Repair to use as moisturizer.

    I was wondering whether it’d be a bad idea to start using Vit. C 1-2 times in the morning (not using a BHA serum yet because haven’t found a good one under 2% for daily use). Currently only using spot treatment every other day and exfoliating 3 times a week.

    Thank you so much once again!!

    1. No vitamin c just yet but a month or two down the line, you’ll be fine.

      1. Thank you so much!

  26. I am hyperpigmentation 2. Last weeks routine left me really flaky around my actual acne. I’m using the Cerave cleanser, Maelove vitamin c, revolution 15% niacinamide, the inkey list hyaluronic acid, differin gel as retinol, ole henriksen glow2oh and pureauty naturals skin lightening serum ( I found it on Amazon and it has kojic acid)
    All in all I’m wondering if I’m exfoliating too much with the retinol and toner? Should I leave one out?

    1. I forgot to mention my moiturizer,posting the full routine now
      Cerave SA cleanser
      Skin regimen microalgae essence
      Maelove vitamin c
      Revolution Nianciamide
      Inkey List HA serum
      Skin Regimen Tripeptide Cream

      Cerave SA cleanser
      Skin Regimen essence
      Pureauty lightening serum
      Differin (2x a week)
      Ole Henriksen toner (2x a week)
      HA serum
      Skin Regimen night detox
      Cerave healing ointment

    2. “Flaky around my actual acne” sounds like it’s working to me. It also sounds like you should be focusing on acne instead of hyperpigmentation.

      1. Well I don’t have that much acne anymore, since i gave up dairy and drink an small pond everyday. i get a few flare ups during that time of the month. My skin just feels so sensitive and dry and I’m worried my barrier may be impaired

  27. Been following the HP2 provided routine with these products

    1. PCA skin facial wash (oily/prob) – lactic cleanser
    2. Pyunkang Yul hydrating toner
    3. PCA Skin C & E strength
    4. TO niacinamide (waiting for it to finish so I can get PCA one or Paulas Choice)
    5. CosRx hyaluronic essence
    6. Eucerin dry touch SPF 50


    1. PCA skin facial wash (oily/prob) – lactic cleanser
    2. Pyunkang Yul hydrating toner
    a) Tue&Thur its TO Glycolic toner
    3. PCA skin pigmen gel HQ free (spot treatment only)
    a) Mon&Wed PCA Skin retinol for sensitive skin but this week 4 Im ready for PCA 0.5. Retinol Brightening
    4. TO niacimanide
    5. Cosrx hyaluronic essence
    6. PCA rebalance creame
    7.. Vaseline (getting eucerin aquaphor soon)

    On retinol nights i skipped niacinamide. Only PYUNKANG toner, retinol, HA, pca rebalance and vaseline.

  28. HP2
    -FAB Cleanser
    -Heritage toner
    -Tatcha vitamin c
    -TO hyaluronic acid + TO niacinamide (just ran out of both. I’m thinking of getting the bliss serum but I’m a bit sensitive to fragrance, is it okay to use?)
    -FAB moisturizer
    -Supergoop sunscreen

    *Murad rapid age spot and pigment lightening serum to spot treat
    *FAB Facial radiance pads to exfoliate on Tue&Thu
    *CeraVe resurfacing retinol serum on Mon&Wed (experienced a bit of purging because it was my first time using a retinol)
    *CeraVe ointment
    Other than the purging, everything is going really well!

    1. Tag me in some pics on your IG stories please!

  29. Been following the HP2 provided routine with these products

    1. PCA skin facial wash (oily/prob) – lactic cleanser
    2. Pyunkang Yul hydrating toner
    3. PCA Skin C & E strength
    4. TO niacinamide (waiting for it to finish so I can get PCA one or Paulas Choice)
    5. CosRx hyaluronic essence
    6. Eucerin dry touch SPF 50


    1. PCA skin facial wash (oily/prob) – lactic cleanser
    2. Pyunkang Yul hydrating toner
    a) Tue&Thur its TO Glycolic toner
    3. PCA skin pigmen gel HQ free (spot treatment only)
    a) Mon&Wed PCA Skin retinol for sensitive skin but this week 4 Im ready for PCA 0.5. Retinol Brightening
    4. TO niacimanide
    5. Cosrx hyaluronic essence
    6. PCA rebalance creame
    7.. Vaseline (getting eucerin aquaphor soon)

    On retinol nights i skipped niacinamide. Only PYUNKANG toner, retinol, HA, pca rebalance and vaseline.

  30. Hey! For week 2/3 I introduced the Paulas choice bha 2% toner and as new serum and spot treatment the guidance to glow luminance serum. And my skin isn’t having it at all. I’m breaking out on the daily with new tiny whiteheads and hurting red pimples around my chin/mouth are. During week one my skin did kinda good, but no it’s taking steps backwards, I’m hurt 🙁
    What am I doing wrong ? Thank you 🙏🏾

    1. Luminance Serum is strong as hell. So I think you introduced a product your skin was ready for and are using it too frequently.

      1. Thank you. I will use the serum less often, and see how my skin reacts.

  31. Hi,
    I’m HP1 and my routine for morning and night is:
    Cerave SA cleanser
    Heritage Store Rose Water Toner
    Elf Hydrating Water Essence
    Versed Vitamin C Brightening Serum
    Bliss Hydrate and Glow Serum
    FAB Ultra Repair Cream
    Sunbum face spf 50
    Cerave SA cleanser
    Heritage Store Rose Water Toner
    Elf Supertone Toner~ 2x a day on Tues.\Thurs.
    Elf Hydrating Water Essence
    Burt’s Bees Dark Spot Corrector
    Bliss Hydrate and Glow Serum
    First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
    Cerave Healing Ointment

    I stuck with the Cerave SA cleanser even though it was giving me a lot of red bumps and pastules when I first used it. I think I was purging because during my 3rd week it finally calmed down and now my face is bright, my spots are fading, and I barely have any texture which was one of my goals of this challenge. I wanted to ask if my hyperpigmentation spot treatment was all right? I wasn’t sure what to pick up and I saw the reviews were good for this particular product. I also wondered if there was a better spf I could try? Because I noticed when I put it on white little balls appear on my face, I think the product is pilling and I was wondering if there was anything I could do.

    1. The Ultra Repair Cream is thick so you’d have to work that in really, really good before applying sunscreen otherwise… yes, pilling can occur. FAB makes an Ultra Repair MOISTURIZER (comes in a bottle with a pump instead of a jar). You can give that a try instead.

  32. Hi, I’m doing HP1. I’ve seen my dark spots begin to lightening up, but I am breaking out like crazy. I’m definitely going to try this challenge on the Acne side with some higher-end products when this round is over. Here’s what I’ve been using:

    – Versed Wash It Out Gel Cleanser
    – Heritage Stone Rosewater Facial Toner
    – TO Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%
    – Bliss Glow + Hydrate Serum
    – Creave Facial Moisturizing Lotion
    – Black Girl Sunscreen

    – Versed Wash It Out Gel Cleanser
    – Heritage Stone Rosewater Facial Toner (M,W,F,Sat + Sunday)
    – Pixie Glow Tonic (Tues + Thurs)
    – Versed Stroke of Brilliance Brightening Serum
    – TO Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA
    – Bliss Glow + Hydrate
    – Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion
    – Cerave Healing Ointment

    Thank you.

    1. Working on hyperpigmentation while having acne is working backwards. You have to treat the breakouts first to truly get rid of the hyperpigmentation. Otherwise, you’ll be in a repetitive loop and that gets expensive!

      1. Thanks for the response!

  33. Hi Hadiyah, I’m currently following the HP 2 routine
    DAY – dermalogica ultra calming cleanser
    Heritage store rosewater facial toner
    TO ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate solution 20% in vitamin F(was using ascorbic acid 8% + alpha arbutin 2%)
    Rosewater toner
    Inkey list Niacinamide serum
    Rosewater toner
    Snow mushroom moisturizer
    TO natural moisturizing factors + HA
    Aveeno protect + hydrate broad spectrum spf 50 sunscreen

    NIGHT – glow recipe blueberry bounce gentle cleanser
    MON/WEDS TO glycolic acid 7% toning solution(was the inkey list PHA toner at first because i have sensitive skin and was afraid of irritation)
    Rosewater for the rest of the days
    Inkey list Niacinimide serum
    Inkey list tranexamic acid night treatment as a spot treatment
    TUES/THURS inkey list retinol serum
    Snow mushroom moisturizer
    On days with retinol and acids i use ren evercalm balm as occlusive
    On regular days i use etude house moistfull collagen sleeping pack

    My dark spots seem to be lightening a little, but barely. I only just started using the tranexamic acid, glycolic toner, and retinol this past week, so i guess I’ll have to wait a little longer to see more noticeable results.
    Do you think i should continue with the vitamin c serum solution in 20%, or go back to the ascorbic acid 8%? I figured the 20% would give better noticeable results because of the percentage, and the 8% is slightly sticky i guess because of the alpha arbutin.

    1. I wouldn’t jump from 8% to 20%.

  34. Hi!
    I’m on the Acne II and my face looks a mess. I am waking up to a new breakout everyday from my forehead to my cheeks and chin. I’m at the point where I want to start over and maybe switch to Acne I to see if it gets any better. Also, I think I may be allergic to salicylic acid because after toning and using a spot treatment for a few days, my forehead itches like crazy and now it’s extremely dry. Please help and add suggestions where you see fit 😩
    Thank you!!

    Clinique Take off the day balm
    CosRx Good morning cleanser
    Heritage Rose Toner
    Kate Somerville Eradiakte Salicylic acid acne treatment (2%)
    Bliss Niacinamide + Hyaluronic acid serum
    First Aid Beauty skin rescue daily face cream
    Black girl sunscreen

    Clinique Take off the day balm
    CosRx Good morning cleanser
    Paula’s Choice 2% BHA toner (Wk 2- Tu/Th, Zek 3- Tu/Th/Sat)
    Clinique Salicylic acid acne treatment (2%)
    Bliss Niacinamide + Hyaluronic acid serum
    First Aid Beauty skin rescue daily face cream
    Cerave Healing ointment

    PS. I had no clue you went to CAU. I did too and graduated in 2010!

    1. HI!

      In general, it sounds like you’re following a routine that’s not for your skin type. Acne II is for people with chronic/cystic acne or acne all over their face (not just relegated to a single area). If you don’t have that type of acne then attempting to follow this routine might lead to overexfoliating (which would explain the dryness). This routine isn’t utilizing a cleanser with the ingredients it should be, so that’s not a problem. If you’re not allergic to aspirin then you also won’t be allergic to salicylic. I’d scale back on exfoliating to just once per week and using the serum and spot treatment at night only, every other night to see if that works.

      1. Thank you so much! I’ll look at Acne I and pull life together!

  35. My current routine (acne I)
    1. Grapeseed oil
    2. Cerave SA cleanser
    3. Heritage Rose Water
    4. The Ordinary 10% Azelaic Acid
    5. E.L.F SuperHydrate moisturizer
    6. E.L.F Happy Hydration Cream
    7. Neutrogena SPF

    1. Grapeseed oil
    2. Cerave SA cleanser
    3. Heritage Rose Water toner
    4. The Ordinary 10% Azelaic Acid
    5. E.L.F SuperHydrate moisturizer
    6. Aquaphor

    Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays: acne spot treatment

    Wednesday: Cosrx BHA exfoliating toner

    It’s made my skin a lot less dull. as well as my acne no longer being inflamed/red. However i’ve had a few new pimples pop up which is different as i typically just have hormonal cystic acne. In general though, my skin feels a lot more moisturized and healthy.

  36. hyperpigmentation ll
    – skin script glycolic cleanser
    – Heritage store toner
    – Inkey HA & niacinamide
    – Heritage store toner
    – Clinique moisture surge
    – Aveeno protect+ hydrate sunscreen for face spf 50
    – Solutions grapeseed oil
    – Skin script glycolic cleanser
    – Heritage store toner
    – TO glycolic toner (Tu/Th)
    – TO alpha Alburtin (spot treatment)
    – Skin script glycolic & retinol pads (Mon/Weds)
    – Inkey HA & niacinamide
    – aloe Vera gel
    – Ceravae skin renewing night cream
    – Vaseline

    I skipped the vitamin c bc I haven’t found one that doesn’t pill (inkey) or break me out.

    Also I have severe pigmentation in my underarms due to a reaction from a deodorant. Can I follow this challenge in the future to help clear it up? And can I get a professional chemical peel done on my underarms? Thanks in advance

    1. There are some treatments available for underarm pigmentation, you just have to find an esthetician who does them. I’d recommend using the PFB Vanish Chromabright under the arms to help with pigmentation there.

  37. HP 1 – my skin was definitely struggling in the beginning of the challenge bc of the no chemical exfoliation during the first week, and I didn’t pick up my AHA toner when it was first introduced to the routine so I was experiencing a lot of congestion. Introducing Vitamin C into my routine was also an…interesting experience but now my skin is acclimated to it. Now my skin definitely looks brighter and more clear.
    Cleanser: Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser
    Hydrating Toner – ELF Keep Your Balance Toner (going to switch to the Heritage Rose Water Toner once this bottle runs out)
    Vitamin C: The Inkey List
    Niacinimide: Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum (TO’s niacinimide irritates my skin)
    Hyaluronic Acid: The Inkey List
    Moisturizer: Belif Aqua Bomb
    SPF: Black Girl Sunscreen
    Oil Cleanser: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
    AHA Toner: Ole Henrickson Glow2Oh
    Hyperpigmentation Spot Treatment: Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum
    Occlusive: Aquaphor
    AHA Toner:

    1. Hi Ari!

      Yeah, I’m not a fan of the Inkey List. If you give another Vitamin C brand a try later you might get better results. But also, it does take some getting used to (no matter the brand) when you’re starting out with it.

  38. Hi! The challenge has been going well so far for me! At first, I broke out a lot and my skin felt very dry but I wasn’t incorporating a hydrating toner (I was just using a water mist which I thought was hydrating… nope). However, it’s been really dry/cold here in NE so I don’t cleanse as much with the SA cleanser in the mornings. I wasn’t able to find any NE esthetician’s… so if you have any recs, that would be incredible!

    The only issue I’m facing currently is I spotted a little bit last week due to stress and during the time I would normally get my period, and I ended up with a huge cystic acne pimple right under my nose. Do you have any recs for how to handle it? Normally, if it oozes out stuff when I wash my face, I just clean it and try not to press on it. I put the spot treatment on it when you recommended and nothing is making it go down. Do I just ride it out? I’m currently vegan and doing the diet you recommended, so I do really feel it’s stress. Here’s my routine:

    -Grapeseed Oil
    -La Roche Posay Effaclar SA cleanser
    -hydrating rose water toner (I’m not sure what brand.. it’s from TJ Maxx)
    -TO niacinimide
    -Hyaluronic Acid serum (again.. TJ Maxx but it rocks! ESP after making my face damp again before using it)
    -Burt’s Bee’s light moisturizer
    -TO hyaluronic acid moisturizer
    -Hawaiian Tropic Antioxidants sunscreen

    -Grapeseed Oil
    -SA Cleanser
    -La Roche Posay BHA toner (every other day)
    -hydrating TJ Maxx toner

    -Effaclar Duo Spot Treatment (how you recommended, every other day)
    -TO niacimide
    -Hyaluronic Acid Tj Maxx
    -Burt’s Bees light moisturizer
    -Cerave Healing Ointment

    1. Hi Alli!

      When we experience skin care issues related to stress, you have to ride it out. Our body holds on to stress in different ways. You are doing the right thing by applying a spot treatment over the area.

      In general, I advise against purchasing skin care products from TJ MAXX and similar stores. They are usually expired or near expiration.

  39. Hyperpigmentation 1
    CeraVe Foaming Cleanser
    Pyunkang Yul hydrating toner
    The ordinary acorbic acid 8% alpha arbutin 2%
    Murad technoceuticals brightening boost professional concentrate
    The ordinary hyaluronic acid 2% +b5
    The ordinary lactic acid 10% + ha (twice a week)
    Specific beauty accelerated dark spot corrector
    CeraVe daily moisturizing lotion
    Neutrogena hydroboost city shield sunscreen ( new this week because I ran out of my Aveeno sunscreen, I don’t think my skin likes this one)
    CeraVe healing ointment (night)

    1. My dark spots are slowly fading but I’ve seen some pimples/texture I think from the new sun screen…idk

  40. HP II AM
    *Glycolic Cleanser: Boscia Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser
    *Hydrating Toner: SkinScript Cucumber Hydration Toner
    *Vitamin C Serum: Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum
    *Niacinamide+Hyaluronic Acid: Bliss Glow & Hydrate Day Serum
    *Gel/Cream Moisturizer: Glow Recipe Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer
    *Sunscreen: Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless Face Sunscreen

    HP II PM
    *Glycolic Cleanser: Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser
    *AHA Exfoliating Toner – T/TH Only: YTTP Kombucha + 11% AHA Exfoliation Power Toner
    *Hyperpigmentation Spot Treatment: Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Night Treatment
    *Retinol – M/W Only: CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum
    *Niacinamide+Hyaluronic Acid: Bliss Glow & Hydrate Day Serum
    *Gel/Cream Moisturizer: Laneige Water Bank Hydro Gel
    *Occlusive: Aquaphor Healing Ointment

  41. So I’m in acne 2. I’ve been keeping my routine @ week 1 eliminating the SA exfoliant & switching from BP cleanser to Mandelic acid cleanser as I am pregnant. That’s been going well so far, not sure if in terms of exfoliating the mandelic acid is gonna do the trick.

    1. If you’re pregnant, I advise you to not use any acids.

  42. Yay thank you for this challenge it’s been really fun to try and be a part of 🙂

    So I’m ACNE 1 and the first couple weeks were AMAZING my skin had never felt smoother and all my big acne spots were clearing up. This last week I’ve been pretty sleep deprived and busy so I’m not sure if that’s playing into it or what’s going on because I have a million small bumps on my forehead and chin. Also, I was using the Cerave psoriasis cleanser for the first 2 weeks and now use the Cerave SA in the morning at the sink and the psoriasis one at night in the shower since it’s super watery. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong in the routine to have these reactions in my skin lately. Thank you for your help!

    -Cerave SA
    -Heritage Store Rosewater toner
    -clindamycin 1% gel
    -Cerave HA
    -Cerave SPF ultra light lotion

    -Organys oil cleanser
    -Cerave psoriasis cleanser if showering or Cerave SA if not
    -Heritage Store rosewater toner (or PC BHA 2% toner on Wed.)
    -clindamycin 1% gel
    -Cerave HA
    -Burt’s Bees SA spot treatment (T/TH/SAT)
    -Cerave cream

    1. CeraVe SA has been causing some reactions for people lately. There have been some recent formula changes. But let’s get to the important issue… you’re washing your face in the shower? Do you take cold showers?

  43. hi! i’m doing mine for acne II, i’ve had moderate to severe acne since i was about 17 and i’m about to turn 20. i get frequent breakouts on my cheeks and chin with some blackheads on my nose. i eat pretty healthy but i’m in college and work full time so i definitely have a lot of stress so i think this causes flare-ups for me. however, since i’ve been doing this routine my skin has been looking really good! i have a lot less breakouts than i did a month or two ago and my skin feels more hydrated and healthy. i hope i’m doing this right! thank you so much!!!

    oil cleanse w hemp seed oil
    differin 5% BPO cleanser
    earth to skin green tea toner
    bliss glow & hydrate serum
    versed just breathe clarifying serum
    earth to skin manuka honey gel moisturizer
    versed dew point moisturizer + SPF

    oil cleanse w hemp seed oil
    differin 5% BPO cleanser
    earth to skin green tea toner
    la roche-posay effaclar SA toner on tuesday, thursday, saturday
    bliss glow & hydrate
    differin gel once a week
    earth to skin manuka honey gel moisturizer
    cerave skin renewing night cream
    cerave healing ointment/evening primrose oil

  44. Thank you so much for creating this challenge. My skin feels and looks good for the most part, I do, however, get the occasional stubborn breakouts on my cheeks, but I’m hoping to remain consistent in order to see better results in the future. I want to add the BHA exfoliant lotion and a spot treatment to my routine, I’ve just been doing research on the best product for me.

    My routine for Acne I

    grapeseed oil
    cerave sa
    hydrating mist
    cosrx hylauronic acid
    TO niacinaminde
    ELF superhydrate
    cerave moisturizer
    supergoop SPF

    grapeseed oil
    cerave sa
    hydrating mist
    cosrx hylauronic acid
    TO niacinaminde
    ELF superhydrate
    cerave moisturizer
    cerave healing ointment

  45. Hello hi! (waves)

    I’m looking to follow the HP two, I was wondering can I use a retinal the same as using a retinol in the routine. I live in Canada and due to our restrictions, we can’t purchase OTC retinol. However I do have a retin-A micro prescription from a dermatologist. Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. They both give you the same results. Retinal works a little faster and, as a result, can be a tad bit more irritating than retinol. If you’re sensitive, I wouldn’t recommend it. But if your skin is pretty resilient then it shouldn’t be a bother.

  46. Once again THANK YOU for taking the time to do this! I loved my facial with you and can’t wait to go back, my skin already has done a complete 180 within a WEEK!! Although my skin is getting a little dry and I’m peeling a bit but nothing crazy

    Acne II:
    Dermalogica Oil PreCleanse
    PCA BPO cleanser 5%
    Laneige Cream Skin toner (waiting for PCA hydrating toner to arrive :D)
    CosRX Snail Mucin essence (the facewash is drying out my skin a lot.. so I subbed the BHA serum for more hydration)
    Bliss Glow & Hydrate serum
    Vichy gel cream
    Dermalogica Active Moist moisturizer
    SuperGoop sunscreen AM//Cerave healing ointment PM

    Sulfur Spot treatment you recommended to me 1-2x/week (I think it’s Face Reality)

    1. Thanks for coming in!

  47. (acne 1)
    Hi! Okay, so I am currently on week 2 of the challenge and my skin looks so bad. I have all of these new breakouts on my forehead, cheeks and chin that were not there before. Because of the breakouts(and I know I should not be doing this but) I have been somewhat messing with my skin and now there are these dark spots on my face that were not there before. I have extremely sensitive skin and my skin not only looks bad, but I feel my skin is the most sensitive it has ever been. I know it has only been two weeks, but my confidence in my skin and this challenge have weakened. I do not know what to do or even if I should continue the challenge. Please give me some advice. (I also started the challenge the week of my cycle and I was already breaking out from that. I am not too sure if that plays a role, but I though I would mention it.)

    1. You didn’t mention which team you are on but I’m guessing acne? If so, given what you’ve described, this sounds expected (the new breakouts at least). The sensitivity is what slightly alarms me and makes me think you’re using ingredients that your skin was not used to so you are likely overdoing it in some way. Share some photos with me on Instagram along with your routine.

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