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Starting today, you can purchase gift cards for services (again). This has been much requested since we switched booking platforms over the summer and we’re excited to finally have them back. Very convenient that they are back just in time for the holidays. Per the usual, we’ll keep them up until just after Valentine’s Day because we know… we know. Keep reading for details on gift cards at Fairy Glow Mother and how to purchase.

What Can You Use a Gift Card For?

Gift cards can be used to redeem services at Fairy Glow Mother. This includes individual appointment services and you can also use a gift card towards the purchase of appointment packages. Gift Card purchases DO NOT apply to membership enrollments or the sale of products. Additionally, there are NO REFUNDS on gift card purchases.

How Can I Purchase a Gift Card?

Gift Cards may be purchased from the booking page or by clicking here. You can purchase a gift card in any amount from $25-$500 and you can purchase one for yourself, a friend, a family member… anyone! Just enter in the required information, a cute message (if you want), and your payment details then you’ll be good to go. Once you’re done, your gift recipient will get an email containing their gift card and code. See? Super easy.

Other Gift Card Details

Gift cards never expire. As long as this business is open, your gift card will work. We strongly recommend you are receiving emails from us so you can be notified when new appointments open up, new services are added, etc. so that you can actually put your gift card to good use.