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Apologies in advance for those who don’t like to read… this is going to be kind of long.


Many of you know that I have held a traditional full-time job since this business has been in existence. You may also remember that in the very, very beginning, I held another part-time job in addition to running this business. Essentially, I was the In Living Color “Hey Mon” sketch come to life—I had three jobs. And working those three jobs never bothered me really, a check is a check. I left the part-time gig I had last April solely because it was becoming an inconvenience (and it wasn’t like I needed the money). But my day job quite literally never really bothered me at all. It was way too convenient for my life. My commute was less than 10 minutes, I was promoted often, I traveled, I could work from anywhere (and often did), and, most importantly, the people were fantastic! You always hear that cliché where people talk about their jobs being like “a family” and, if you’re like me, you always roll your eyes when people say that. But in this one case, for me, it was true. I hate to admit it but I genuinely loved my job… until I didn’t.

I was a senior account director at a marketing agency. In fact, despite a decade plus in marketing this was my first role within an agency. Agency life dulled in comparison to the fast-paced startups I was used to be it did come with consistent and bountiful checks so, again, it didn’t bother me. But towards the end of last year—as I first started to understand what “booked and busy” life was really about in the studio—I started feeling “meh” about the day job. And those checks stopped looking so bountiful once I did some math and realized I could make the same exact thing (if not more) just by working for myself. Keep in mind, FAIRY GLOW MOTHER has been running part-time. I’ve spent about 20-25 hours per week providing services. So I saw those numbers and realized if I could match my salary by just working part-time (tap your neighbor and say, “part-time”), then imagine what I could do if I just… did this all the time? That was in October and it was the first month that I had matched my salary. While I knew that I could probably keep that momentum up, I wasn’t no damn fool so I wasn’t looking to axe my day job just yet. In November, I ended up making more. So when December came around, my job started to be annoying all of a sudden. Funny how that happens.

Another thing happened in December: I actually sat down and wrote out some goals I have for this business. They’re good business goals—SMART goals as we call them in the agency world—that have been in my head for forever. Finally taking the time to write them down put a lot into perspective for me. It made me realize that none of those goals could be reached while still working a day job. I was going to have to fully bet on myself and that realization was scary as fuck. By the time we entered the new year (a new decade!) I absolutely knew that I didn’t want to continue working for anyone else but myself unless I got a call from Beyoncé, Rihanna, or Oprah. Every week in January got more annoying than the last. God was making me so incredibly uncomfortable and, for once in my life, I was like “Bet! Good lookin’ out!”

So I Quit My Job In January

At the time of writing, I gave notice a few days ago. Technically my last day will be the end of February. Mentally, ya girl has clocked out for good. In the days immediately following my giving notice, I reached 3 out of 5 of those business goals that I had written down in December. Goals I had estimated would take 6 months-1 year to achieve. I’ve since had to create new goals.

my resignation email

But, yeah, I quit my job which means I am now a full-time Glow Mother. This little side business that launched in December of 2018 is now my livelihood, my capital, my brand, my everything. This thing my dad thought was just going to be an expensive hobby. The thing my brothers jokingly said I run like the trap. THIS. I’m just very fucking happy to be here at this point in my life.

Also, I’m moving

Circling back to the business at hand though… as you could probably tell from the slight logo change above, FAIRY GLOW MOTHER is moving to Oakland (yee!). There are a few reasons I decided to move my business to Oakland but the primary reason is that the overwhelming majority of my clientele comes from Oakland or a city that is much closer to Oakland than Fremont. Secondly, I’ve just secured a location that is within walking distance from a BART station. I am very thankful to have had clients travel on BART to see me and then take an Uber/Lyft to arrive at the studio but that’s not the ideal experience I want for my clientele that don’t drive. Simply put, I want to be more accessible. Lastly, the RENT. Wow! I’ve come to the sad realization that I’ve been getting finessed on the rent I’ve been paying. The new space that is quite literally 4X the size of the studio I’m in now and miraculously it costs a few hundred dollars less than what I pay now. Girl.

Details on the new location will be made available to current clientele via email. I will be accepting appointments for the Oakland location starting in April. Existing clients can start booking their appointments now. I’m not sure exactly when in April I will be making dates available to *new* clients but right now it’s looking like it may be after Coachella weekend two (LOL) so later in the month. You can always request an appointment in the meantime. Please be sure to have book@thefairyglowmother.com whitelisted with your email service provider.

I think you all are going to love it and some of you may already be familiar with the space (if you drive, it’s a building you can see off 880). One of my clients happened to be there the day I did my tour and, without knowing that I was actually on a tour, said “you should move in here!” I think that’s kismet or confirmation… whatever you want to call it.

Big Moves, A Few Small Changes

With this move comes a few, tiny changes for the better. I’m excited to have more availability! The hours will be from 12pm-9pm Tuesday-Friday and 11am-6pm on Saturdays. As always, members can request earlier or later appointments. Sundays and Mondays will remain closed. I will still be by appointment only but with this expanded availability, there is now more opportunity for clients to book same-day appointments.

This new space is in a highly secured building, so you’ll need to give yourself some extra time to check in with the main lobby prior to coming up to the studio. Again, these details will be in your email.

You can also expect some fun beauty + skin care events in the future because SPACE! I finally have space. And I also have access to event spaces. We’re going to turn up!

Thanks so much for being a client, an internet friend, or a cheerleader for this business for the past year! It all means so much and I am just so damn excited to see where this business continues to grow and glow!