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The holidays are here and the skin care drops this season have been impressive. But before you wild out on new products, you want to ensure that you are using products that will work well for your skin. And if you’ve got your eye on new skin care treatments in the new year too, then you definitely want to put a visit to an esthetician on your wishlist. This season at FAIRY GLOW MOTHERĀ®, I have quite a few gift options for newbies and more advanced skin care enthusiasts alike. Read on to find the perfect gift for the skin care lover in your life.

Gift Ideas for Skin Care Newbies

Know someone new to skin care? Know someone who is completely lost and confused when it come to skin care? The NEW YEAR, NEW SKIN package is the perfect gift for them. This package includes 1 Essential Glow Customized Facial, 1 Detox Facial, 1 Glow Trotter Facial, and 1 Bling Bling Chemical Peel. The best part is the price, of course. It’s only $325 and you get $500 worth of services!

For the more experienced skin care lover, I recommend the FACE FORWARD package. This package contains 6 customized facials, a complete customized routine AND (the best part) products are included. This is a $1,000 value for only $700.

If acne is getting the best of you and you’re ready to get clear, then you should purchase a C L E A R L Y package. My acne management program has a 90% effective rate with majority of clients getting clear within 4 months! Packages start at $500.

Of course, you can always splurge and treat someone to a full year membership at FAIRY GLOW MOTHER. With Memberships, clients can get access to priority scheduling, additional discounts, and custom treatments at a fraction of the cost. Memberships can be paid in full for the year or monthly. Learn more about memberships here.

Gift Ideas for Waxing and Sugaring Enthusiasts

As a full service skin care studio, I’m more than happy to provide full body waxing and sugaring services for my clients. Below are the top three packages for waxing and sugaring.

  • BROWS + BRAZILIANS STARTER PACK: Whether you’re just getting started with waxing or getting back into it after a long break, this is the perfect package to get you accustomed to my waxing style and to gauge how often you need to come in for regular maintenance. This package is redeemable for 3 Total B.A.B.E. Eyebrow Transformations and 3 Smooth Criminal waxes.
  • SUGAR STARTER KIT: Sugaring the hair from your nether regions can be scary when you’re not properly prepared. If you’re thinking about making the switch from waxing to sugaring, this is the package for you. Get 3 Sugar Brazilians for the price of two!
  • THE LEGS DIAMOND: There’s nothing more gangster than freshly waxed genitals with the legs to match! This package of 3 Hollywood Brazilian Waxes and Full Leg waxes for just $325 is a knockout price.