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AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! We made it to the end! I’m so happy to be here! The past six weeks have been really exciting to see and I’m grateful for every participant

Routines for this week? Whatever you did last week is your ideal daily routine. Once the acne or hyperpigmentation is completely gone (which, realistically, won’t happen for at least another 6+ weeks) you can remove the treatment products from your routine. The best way to maintain your results is to visit your local esthetician every 4-6 weeks for optimal skin health. If that’s too often for your schedule, try to go at least once every three months.

If you’ve completed the challenge, you have a solid skin care foundation now and should know what works best for your skin and what doesn’t (*coughcough* CeraVe SA Renewing Cleanser *coughcough*). If you still have questions or need more help, I’ve just opened up virtual consultations for a very, very, extremely limited time. The cost is $50 and includes a 10 minute Google Hangouts or FaceTime chat along with a custom SKINopsis that includes product recommendations. The virtual sessions will happen between March 1-15, 2020 and you will receive your customized SKINopsis within 24 hours of our meeting. Click here to reserve yours today!

It’s been real! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more skin care things. Twitter is going to be a little ghost for a while.